Road to F.A. Cup is a mockumentary series, in the style of The Office and The Thick of It, comprised of six 20-minute episodes.

The narrative follows the Croydon Terriers; a newly promoted side who have the opportunity to play in the worlds oldest football tournament, the F.A. Cup.

They also have a new owner; entrepreneur Niall Reedwood.

As they embark on their journey together, Niall Reedwood’s lack of knowledge and passion for football becomes apparent through a series of naive decisions. He arranges a groundshare with local rivals Croydon Athletic, he signs an Italian player with (who can’t speak English) without his Manager’s knowledge, he hires an American Basketball motivator and arranges some unconventional exhibition matches to attract investors. All of which culminate in putting the Terriers’ very existence in jeopardy.
Can Reedwood use his expertise to match his ambitions for the Croydon Terriers, or is he out of his depth?

This is … Road to F.A. Cup

The success of ‘Sunderland ‘Til I Die”’, ‘All or Nothing’ and a slew of other football documentaries, the subject matter is primed for satire.
Small focus audiences have so far given Road to F.A. Cup incredible feedback, with the series being most popular with 18-35 year old males but also received positive feedback from non-football supporters.
We have filmed and edited all six episodes of Road to F.A. Cup and have it ready to deliver to a Production company who can take this to broadcast.
Audiences have fed back that the series is the perfect blend of realism and fiction due to it’s part-scripted, part-improvised comedy format.
Road to F.A. Cup was filmed independently from any production company, and now that it has been completed we are looking for a production company with a passion for unique comedy to help us find a home for broadcast.